Testimonials for  Shadow Play Life Coaching

“Val Ball’s years of experience in human services shine through in the way she listens and how she gets you to think deeper about what is going on in your life. I actually look forward to our sessions instead of fearing them, and I only wish I could have more frequent sessions so that I can stay on top of things better in my life – as they occur. I highly recommend Val as YOUR Life Coach!”

Rose-Marie V. Leicester, NC

“I highly recommend Val as YOUR Life Coach! Val coaches with a caring listening style and she helped me find my empowerment as she worked in partnership with me. She taught me how to apply my character strengths more fully in my life to help me live a more authentic self.”

Susan Furches

“The coaching sessions were helpful during a time when I needed to engage in some values clarification. Val’s questions were insightful and helped me to consider new angles.  Also it was just great to have an empathetic listener who didn’t have any prior assumptions.”

A. Williams

“I was at a crossroads in my life and I had multiple challenges in front of me, and felt largely cut off from support. The opportunity to coach with Val came about, and she helped me untangle the terrifying confusion into a series of doable steps that helped bring me to clarity. I felt an instant rapport with Val’s down-to-earth warmth, intelligence and support. It was a great comfort to know that there was somebody there for me within my reach that I could rely on for practical, upbeat consistency.”

Jenny B.

“I would highly recommend Val as a coach.  I was looking to clarify my focus and intention in life and work, and Val helped immensely with this.  Val’s style is very warm and open, and her questions allowed me to uncover my own wisdom and become more clear about what I needed to put in place to move forward, and what my priorities were.  Thank you!”

Beka Davis