Boundaries in Relationships

Relationship COMMUNICATIONS Program

How to Handle the Difficult People in Your Life (without killing them).  Boundaries in Relationships.

Stop suffering in silence because of the difficult people in your life!

Is there  someone who causes you to feel anxious, angry, powerless or drained?  Is it a person or relationship you can’t easily walk away from?  The Relationship DETOX program will help you to reclaim your power, self-respect and health through empowered communication and action.

Whether you’re dealing with a toxic family member, co-worker or boss, a friend or a partner, this program will teach you how to stand up for yourself, choose your response, and reduce the stress caused by these dysfunctional relationship dynamics.

Together we’ll explore the background and history of your difficult relationship. We will talk about how it affects you, where you’re stuck, and brainstorm some possibilities for immediate relief.  Contact Val Ball for your Complimentary Discovery Session by calling 828.808.5127 or email at

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The Relationship COMMUNICATIONS program consists of 5 modules, each of which comprises two coaching appointments.

There is an additional session during the program based upon your individual need.

Approximately a month after completion of the program we will have a Follow-up Session to en-sure that the relationship in question in proceeding in a healthy direction.

Bonus follow-up session:

60 minute session to monitor progress, tie up loose ends, and celebrate successes!

Scheduled within a month of our last session, this is a chance to evaluate how things are going and strategize for the future.

Throughout the 12 week program, you’ll have email access to me, access to a recording of our sessions, and individualized, one-on-one coaching time with Relationship Detox Coach Val Ball.

D - Discovery

Together we’ll explore the background and history of your difficult relationship. We will talk about how it affects you, where you’re stuck, and brainstorm some possibilities for immediate relief.

Module 1 includes:

-Toxic Relationship Assessment
-90 minute Discovery session
-Individualized “homework” assignment, with goals for the week

E - Effects

You’ll get clarity on how this challenging relationship is affecting your mind, body and spirit. Imagine how it will feel for that knot in your throat to dissolve, and your stomach to unclench!

Module 2 includes:

-Wellness Assessment
-60 minute Exploration session
-Check-in about last session’s homework
-Individualized “homework” assignment, with goals for the week

T - Tools

Learn how to effectively communicate your needs and compassionately confront conflict. Experience how changing the way you react can change the relationship for the better.

Module 3 includes:

-Handouts about Empathic Assertiveness and Reflective Listening
-60 minute Communication session
-Optional role play of empowered communication
-Check-in about last session’s homework
-Individualized “homework” assignment, with goals for the week

O - Operation

We’ll craft a customized plan for you to put into practice the new com-munication and assertiveness tools you’ve learned.

Module 4 includes:

-Step-by-step Strategic Plan
-60 minute Strategy session
-Optional role play of difficult scenario
-Check-in about last week’s homework
-Individualized “homework” assignment, with goals for the week

X - Xciting conclusion

We’ll evaluate how the relationship has progressed and set goals for moving forward in a self-loving direction.

Module 5 includes:

-Relationship Progress Assessment
-60 minute Integration session
-Check-in about last week’s homework
-Individualized self-care plan

How do I know if I’m relating to a toxic person?

The best indication of when a person is toxic to you is how they make you feel. Do you feel anxious, like you have to “walk on eggshells” when they’re around? Do you feel exhausted or drained when you interact with them? Do they make you feel powerless? If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, then you’re probably relating to someone who’s toxic to you.

What’s are some important things for me to know about dealing with a toxic person?

First off, that you’re not crazy! This may be a person who is well-liked by others, and, for whatever reason, is toxic to you. Our triggers are different, and that’s OK. Secondly, how you confront a toxic person depends not only on their behavior, but your relationship with them. For example, if someone is bullying you, it probably won’t work to be gentle, loving and mild with them. If the person bullying you is your boss, however, you probably shouldn’t have a loud confrontation with them in public. And, lastly, you may not be able to change the behavior of the toxic person, but when you change your response to them, it has a positive effect on the relationship.

I’m not sure if someone I’m dealing with is toxic. How can I tell?

There are certain behaviors that are pretty universally toxic. If the person berates and humiliates you in public, that’s a huge red flag. Do they expect you to read their mind instead of asking directly for something, then get mad at you about it? Even more simply, does the person stress you out? That’s usually a sign that something’s amiss.

What can I expect from Relationship Communications Coaching?

You can expect me to act as your ally. I’m not easily shocked or offended, so you really can say what’s on your mind. Being taken seriously and really listened to is the first step towards creating an emotionally safe environment where you can tackle what’s bothering you. Additionally, you can expect helpful tools to help you handle toxic people in a different and more empowered way.

What if the toxic person is someone in my family?

That adds a whole layer of specialness. Family members can trigger us like no one else, often because we feel their behavior reflects on us. Some negative family dynamics have had a lifetime (yours) to develop. Although you may not be able to magically transform your family into an ideal loving unit, asserting yourself in an empowered way, with support, can often improve your experience of thorny family gatherings and dreaded phone calls.

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