My Vision

Have you ever felt like you needed help with a relationship with someone who makes your life kind of suck?  Is this relationship stressing you out?  Would you like to learn how to cope with these difficult people in a way that reduces your stress and ultimately changes the relationship for the better?  Relationship COMMUNICATIONS Coaching teaches tools of communication, boundary-setting and empowerment so that you can reclaim your health and well being while dealing with people who are toxic to you.

As your Relationship COMMUNICATIONS Coach, I will strive to help you uncover, explore and transform these difficult relationships.  I will teach you tools to help you communicate your needs clearly and handle conflict more effectively.  I will continue to educate myself in helpful modalities so that I can offer the most useful tools in our coaching relationship.

I plan to be around for the long haul, and will do all I can to build a sustainable company and be able to continue offering Relationship COMMUNICATIONS Coaching within my community and abroad for many years to come.

Val Ball

My Mission

Relationship COMMUNICATIONS coaching is designed to help you tackle the most difficult people you encounter in your day-to-day life.  When you learn new responses to these toxic people, you can de-escalate conflict, feel more in control, and reduce your stress.

By changing your reactions, you can have a positive influence on the relationship, whether or not the toxic person changes their behavior.