My Approach to Virtual Coaching

Creating Effective Communication and Healthy Relationships

When I first became a Life Coach, I firmly believed that coaching needed to be “in person” to be effective. I thought that the energetic exchange which happens when you sit down with another person was essential to developing a rapport. However, when I tried coaching over the phone and Skype, I very quickly realized that a powerful coaching relationship doesn’t need to be face-to-face.
Some people may even prefer the relative anonymity of phone coaching. Although life coaching can touch on sensitive material, I am committed to creating an emotionally safe environment where people can express whatever is going on and be received with empathy and support.

Thanks to technological advances, communication via electronic devices is clearly audible and usually visible (although Skype isn’t always perfect). I think the important thing to communicate to my virtual coaching clients is that I’m listening, I’m interested, and my attention is on them.

The only “multitasking” I do during coaching calls is taking notes so that I can track our conversation, goals, and steps towards resolving whatever issue has prompted someone to start virtual coaching. Phone or Skype coaching opens up the possibility of doing coaching worldwide, removes the need to factor in commuting time, and opens up possibilities of coaching during times that work with both our schedules.

Additionally, we have the option to record our coaching conversations in order to capture the wisdom and insight that is bound to come out of our virtual coaching relationship.

“In my experience, the authentic bond we create transcends distance and even time zones!” Val Ball