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Improve Your Relationship with your Family, Partner, or Friends.

Do you have a family member you can’t easily walk away from?  Relationship COMMUNICATION will help you to reclaim your power, self-respect and health through empowered communication and action. Contact Val Ball for your Complimentary Discovery Session by calling 828.808.5127 or email at

If you’ve been poking around my website a bit, you’ve probably heard about the Relationship COMMUNICATION Coaching program.  You may or may not be asking yourself:  “Gee, I wonder what other kind of coaching Val does?”  Excellent question!  Just to be ornery, I’ll answer first what kind of coaching I don’t really do.

  1. Romantic relationships. While I have mediated for couples in the past, there are relationship coaches and couples therapists who specialize in love relationships, and I would gladly refer you to them.
  2. Business coaching. If you’re starting (or already own) your own business and need help with marketing, sales, etc., this is something else I would refer out. I have had people come to me in search of a career change, and that worked out fine.

Aside from those two arenas, I can assist you with a variety of issues. Of course, my particular interest is in helping you deal with jerks who bum you out. I can also help with:


  • Career change. If you’re unsatisfied with your current employment, let’s explore the possibilities.
  • Building communication skills. Do you struggle to say what you really mean? I can teach you how to communicate effectively.
  • Exploring and changing self-sabotaging habits. We’ve all got ‘em. Together we can get to the root of what’s holding you back.
  • Self-acceptance. Self-love can be the hardest, but things fall into place as we practice this art.

This isn’t a comprehensive list, it’s just to give you a taste of what else is possible with coaching.  I understand that not everyone is in need of a 12-week program for Relationship DETOX.  Almost everyone, but not absolutely everyone.  Our coaching relationship is flexible enough to accommodate your scheduling needs.  You can pick the duration that suits you, and because we coach over the phone or Skype, you can relax in the comfort of your own home.

If you’d like to connect further, I invite you to spend half an hour or so with me on a Complimentary Discovery call. I look forward to hearing from you!