Relationship COMMUNICATIONS Coach

How to Communicate Better in Relationships

I can help you identify, tackle and transform your relationships with the difficult people in your life, starting exactly where you are. Once we identify the dynamics of the relationship, we work together to learn new ways of relating to the person in order to provide you with relief.

Relationship COMMUNICATIONS Program

How to keep a healthy relationship, How to raise your self esteem

Stop suffering in silence because of the difficult people in your life! Is there  someone who causes you to feel anxious, angry, powerless or drained?  Is it a person or relationship you can’t easily walk away from?  Relationship COMMUNICATIONS will help you to reclaim your power, self-respect and health through empowered communication and action.

My Approach to Virtual Coaching

Thanks to technological advances, communication via electronic devices is clearly audible and usually visible (although Skype isn’t always perfect). I think the important thing to communicate to my virtual coaching clients is that I’m listening, I’m interested, and my attention is on them.

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The question is: what can we do when we find ourselves relating to people who are toxic to us? How can we take care of ourselves and assert our needs without alienating the people we need to relate to?  Happily enough, there is a solution. Contact Val Ball for your Complimentary Discovery Session by calling 828.808.5127 or email at


Meet Val Ball

“I am skilled at creating a safe container for personal exploration and development, and serve as a gentle guide out of the shadows and into the light.  I am eager to share my wisdom, advice and feedback with individuals who are seeking clarity, acceptance, transformation and support.  I am passionate about empowering people to get out from under the thumb of the toxic individuals and relationships in their lives so that they can feel freer, more in control and stand up for themselves in all sorts of different circumstances.”

Val Ball


We all need to feel heard, understood and cared about.  Building a trusting and compassionate relationship together is the first step to lasting personal change.




In order to feel safe revealing deeply personal information, we need to know that this information will not be shared with anyone. The only exception to this is in cases of legal subpoena.




No one should be denied help or support based on their race, class, gender identification, sexual orientation, ethnicity and cultural background, or religious or spiritual beliefs. Diversity is essential for a well-rounded world.




It’s easy to know what we “should” do, and much harder to actually follow through and do it!  Your coach will follow up on any assigned tasks, commitments,  and “homework”, and help you stay on track with your goals.




By utilizing tools for better communication and setting personal boundaries, you can restore your dignity and self-respect, and increase your confidence even when difficult people threaten to throw you off your game.



The Complimentary Discovery Session is a good introduction to each other.  You get an opportunity to discuss what’s going on, and you’ll get a feel for the way I work with people.  I look forward to speaking with you soon!